Do I sense a wedding in the wild?

This morning with my cup of coffee and a bagel I witnessed a landmark in the world of the wild.  In Europe, there in the country of Germany, is an outstanding photographer.  Her name is Tanja Brandt.  Through the eye of her camera lens, she told a story of a very unexpected love between a sweet doggy and her handsome little owl friend.  The pictures show the couple on an adventure in the woods, tenderly nuzzling into each other’s warmth, and even leaning in for a smooch! —>


Ms. Tanja Brandt, expresses the purpose of her life’s work in her website’s bio.  In her indigenous German language she writes:

Ich liebe die Tiere mehr als die Menschen und ich liebe es, mit ihnen zu kommunizieren, Abenteuer zu erleben und sie zu fotografieren.

I may know a smidgen of Spanish and a few German words here and there, but I definitely can not translate this on my own.  Luckily, she left an English translation:

I love animals more than people and I love to communicate with them, to have adventures and to photograph them.

There’s some honesty! Her photography speaks of this itself.  It justifies her passion for adventure and fond friendship with the wild. Thank goodness she allows us to take part in these exclusive adventures and wonders through the art of her story-telling photography. Begin your next journey with Ms. Brandt at her website:

Back to this particular story, I sense a future wedding for these two love birds. (no pun intended)

!Warning! Turn off your heaters or take a step into the winter cold, these pictures are likely to melt your heart:



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